ISO 9001:2000

The policy of MPS s.r.o. is mainly focused on achieving our goal of providing quality of translation and interpretation services in consistency with the requirements of our clients. Our style of work is flawless and at the same time it conforms to valid legal regulations. We also care to project the image of our current activities and our strategic moves and plans as our positive contribution to protection and preservation of ecology and environment.

In order to properly secure the functioning of quality management system, the company management fully guarantees the following:
  • in the event our client is not satisfied we will undertake prompt and effective measures to correct the problem
  • we will secure all necessary financial, material, personnel and organizational resources
  • we will provide effective assistance during the development, training and education of all our associates in order that they are able to satisfy the requirements of our quality policy
  • our relationship with subcontractors requires the same demand for quality of their products and services as MPS s.r.o. itself shows in the business obligations we have in the business relationships with our clients
  • to train all our important business partners to understand the quality policies of our company
  • to reach and maintain the level of quality and prices that would secure our company its important position in the local market
Customer satisfaction will provide us with stability and prosperity and along with that it will bring satisfaction of employees as well. We will therefore always adhere to the requirements of international standards contained in the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 regulations with no regard to our position and standing in our organization and we can express our effort in the following statements:
  • we listen carefully and we always want to understand the needs of our clients
  • we perform our assignments with maximum care for precise and on-time completion
  • we adhere to the rules and procedures prescribed in the quality management system
  • we believe in the benefits of mutual exchange of information